No Exit Exam Required for Graduation!

Stop trying to memorize all the silly facts the establishment thinks is “important” for you to know. At Resolute Academy, you’ll learn useful skills that can help you build confidence, earn more, and achieve your dreams.

Work From Home or Anywhere!

Resolute Academy isn’t about buildings and frivolous after-school activities. We’re focused on providing you with a real education, so you can get a real diploma, and get on with real life — school and standardized test will no longer hold you back!

The Tools You Need to Succeed

Don’t get bogged down in meaningless busy-work and rote memorization. Learn skills that will actually apply to your life, and graduate with useful knowledge!

What if your home school/high school diploma from Resolute Academy was closer than you ever imagined?

  • No state exam required to receive a diploma
  • Use the credits you have already earned
  • You never enter a classroom
  • Online courses
  • Dual college credit courses available

Give Yourself the Gift of Success

You can continue doing what you’re doing or you could be…

  • Attending community college
  • Attending trade school
  • Protecting our country in the military
  • Attending university
  • Making $2 more per hour than you are now

It’s up to you.

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