Resolute: Firm, Steadfast, Unwavering

Resolute: Firm, Steadfast, Unwavering

The greatness of America was born in the hearts and dreams of individuals cherishing the one belief…. Hope in a better tomorrow.  The resolute commitment to this dream caused the Pilgrims to perish and persevere through that first brutal winter.  The founding fathers risked life and property in pursuit of this dream.  The pioneers crossing plain, desert and mountain, often under attack and sickness, treasured this belief.

These people embodied the American spirit, yearning for opportunity and possessing the courage to take action.

Like the founding fathers, many of today’s students have found the government, designed to protect their rights, oppressing them.  The oppression comes in the form of state testing.  By design, all students can never pass the state testing.  If all students passed, then the test would be viewed to be too easy.  As a result, a group of students, often struggling with testing, reading or even life circumstances, are branded as failures.

It is very common for people to be labeled when they don’t conform to the government standards.  Labels such as at-risk, under achieving and drop out, will someday echo in history with terms like slave, internee and numerous racial slurs.

When people are free, failure and setback are temporary.  Free people seek and find a way.  Disappointment is replaced with discovery, humiliation with hope, and loss with life.  The fire in every soul is to achieve their greatest good, to make a difference and prosper their progeny.

Resolute Academy was created to protect, light and kindle the burning desire in the hearts of students, to empower and launch, to exercise their God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Such students, having been downtrodden, discouraged and defeated, possess the same meddle of spirit as the pilgrims, founding fathers, pioneers.  They are the giants, whose shoulders, tomorrow’s generation will stand.