Your Top Job Options

Posted on 29. Apr, 2010 by in Blog

A great career starts with a plan of action! Start by deciding what interests you most and then start researching how to achieve your goal. Here are some options to get you thinking:

  1. Virtual Assistant (Median Earnings: $40 Per Hour)
  2. Gaming Manager (Median Salary: $62,820)
  3. Real Estate Broker (Median Salary: $58,720
  4. Salesperson (Median Salary: $58,710)
  5. Police Detective (Median Salary: $53,990)
  6. Ship Captain (Median Salary: $53,430)
  7. Writer (Median Salary: $48,640)
  8. Fish and Game Warden (Median Salary: $47,830)
  9. Web Designer (Median Salary: $43,059)
  10. Game Tester (Median Salary: $37,861)

Go to for resources that will help you decide if the career you have in mind is a good fit.

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