Online Diploma


Let’s face it: traditional schools are expensive, inefficient, and unable to meet the wildly different needs of each of their students. Students are dropping out of high school at an alarming rate, and many that don’t drop out end up failing to pass the mandatory TAKS/STAAR exams that would allow them to graduate.

At Resolute Academy, we think there’s a better way. We’ve developed a system of education that focuses on learning that can happen at the student’s pace and in the student’s home (or library). We emphasize learning skills over rote memorization. In the age of Google and the ubiquitous internet, it’s almost laughable how many schools still waste time teaching students to memorize basic facts rather than teaching them to learn how to find the answer to almost any question.

If you’re disillusioned with the current state of the educational system in Texas, it’s time for you to take a look at Resolute Academy. You’ll be on your way to a diploma (and the greatest adventure of your life) in no time!

Resolute Academy is accepting new students!