Is Resolute Academy a private school or a home school?

Resolute is a private school.  Students work from home, at their own pace, under the supervision of their parents.

Many parents and students want a home school expeirence, they just don’t know where to start.  We provide the curriculum, conduct assessment and remediation, and maintain records.

Just like in a home school, parents are responsible to see that students are doing their work consistently and with integrity.

Is This a REAL high school diploma?

Yes, this is a real diploma.  Hundreds of Resolute Academy graduates have gone on to community colleges, better jobs, military carreers and 4 year universities.

Yes, this is a real high school diploma — NOT a GED, NOT a certificate of completion.

What if I live out of state?

In today’s educational world, living in one state and graduating from a school in another state is no longer unusual.  With distance learning, satellite classes, video courses, online classrooms, military families, job transfers, government employee assignments, etc., it is not uncommon for students to have these arrangements.  No residency is required. No on-site attendance is required. All Resolute graduates, regardless of their places of residence, are awarded a diploma from Resolute.

Will colleges accept a Resolute diploma?

Yes, colleges DO accept the Resolute diploma and Resolute Academy graduates are attending community colleges all over Texas. Admission to college is determined by the requirements of each college and varies. Such requirements include a high school diploma, SAT/ACT scores, and other factors unique to the university. A high school diploma isn’t a ticket to college and a diploma doesn’t guarantee admission. It just states you have completed the necessary requirements to graduate from high school.

Can I take classes from Resolute Academy?

Resolute Academy offers many solutions to help students complete class work and earn credits. From nationally accredited curriculum like A Beka, ACES Curriculum to our proprietary curriculum developed by Texas Certified Teachers aligned to the TEKS, we help students find the solution that works best for them to complete the process as quickly and efficiently as possible, enabling them to achieve their goals and move on to the next level.

Our online curriculum is accessible to Resolute students 24/7 and students often comment about how much they enjoy the self paced features which give them total control over the process.

I still need a class(es) in order to have all of my credits.  Can I still get a diploma?

Yes.  Send us your transcript.  We will be happy to help guide you in the next step of achieving your dreams, now.

Is a Resolute diploma better than a GED?

Here are a few things you should know about getting a GED.

  • In most states, generally, you must be 18 to take the GED without restrictions. Sometimes 17-year-olds are allowed after filing a special form, and if they can show special need. Different states have different rules.
  • Here’s a very important question — how will you USE your GED? For example, if you are applying for military enlistment, the GED is almost useless. And there are other problems associated with it, such as scholarships and grants.Most PRIVATE scholarships, trusts, organizations, and scholarship committees automatically make graduation from a recognized secondary institution a prerequisite for granting their scholarship money. This is a SCHOLARSHIP, and having a GED is not enough.
  • It is unfortunate, but true, that the GED has a stigma attached to it. Having a GED sends a warning to the those concerned that you had trouble in school — you were thrown out, or you got pregnant, or you were in a treatment center, or you were violent, or you were on drugs, or you couldn’t get along with others, or you couldn’t conform, and you were generally different. Ultimately it means you had to settle for less than normal.

How much does it cost? Can I just buy a diploma?

Resolute Academy has a one-time enrollment fee of $497. You can’t buy a diploma. When you enroll, you will receive an email with your login and password to the class website within 24-48 hours. When your transcript is submitted and reviewed, you will receive an email listing the classes you need to complete to receive your diploma. The rest is up to you. Every graduate will receive an attractively bound diploma.

What if I have all of my credits?

If you have all of your credits, that is great!  You are very close to graduating.  You will still need to take our Comprehensive Exams, be assessed and demonstrate mastery.  You can’t just pay and get a diploma.  You must pass the Comprehensive Exams and we will support you in the process.