Schools Experiment with Work From Home Days

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The article discussed the pros and cons and even some of the technical issues experienced by Park Ridge, NJ when their 500+ students tried to log in.

As a home school organization, we at Resolute Academy have known for years the benefits of having students work from home, at their own pace, in a way that fits with their schedule.

Online education is here to stay.

Your Top Job Options

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A great career starts with a plan of action! Start by deciding what interests you most and then start researching how to achieve your goal. Here are some options to get you thinking:

  1. Virtual Assistant (Median Earnings: $40 Per Hour)
  2. Gaming Manager (Median Salary: $62,820)
  3. Real Estate Broker (Median Salary: $58,720
  4. Salesperson (Median Salary: $58,710)
  5. Police Detective (Median Salary: $53,990)
  6. Ship Captain (Median Salary: $53,430)
  7. Writer (Median Salary: $48,640)
  8. Fish and Game Warden (Median Salary: $47,830)
  9. Web Designer (Median Salary: $43,059)
  10. Game Tester (Median Salary: $37,861)

Go to for resources that will help you decide if the career you have in mind is a good fit.

And remember, at Resolute Academy we focus on valuable, relevant life skills that will help you reach success. Employers are looking for more than just a degree. They want professionals who can make an impact. We can help you get the skills you need.

The Entrepreneur Economy

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Entrepreneur enthusiast Cameron Herold spoke recently at TEDx Edmonton’s conference on April 5, 2010. In “Raising Kids to Be Entrepreneurs” he points out that many kids are lost in the traditional education system:

We teach our kids to go after really good jobs.  The school system teaches them to go after things like being a doctor or being a lawyer . . . And the media says it’s cool if we could go out and be a model or a singer or a sports hero.

 Herold then admits that he has eighteen of nineteen signs of Attention Deficit Disorder and performed poorly in school. Neither a traditional nor media-inspired job worked for him.  However, he is now one of the country’s most respected business leaders.

How did he achieve such success? Herold points out that he comes from a family of business owners that encouraged him to try out-of-the-box ideas. To the youth in the audience, he says:

The world is changing and the creative and entrepreneur economy is here. It’s a new world where ideas, knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurship rule. Where community trumps geography, where small is the new big, and where innovation and entrepreneurial savviness is so much more valuable.

Currently, the traditional public school model does little to encourage self sufficiency and a can-do attitude. For this reason many parents and students today are looking for non-traditional educational sources, such as online classes.

To watch the speech in its entirety, visit YouTube:  Cameron Herold

For more on TED, a nonprofit organization devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading,” visit  Notable speakers at TED events include Bill Gates, Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Isabel Allende and UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

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"My dreams are finally coming true…" — Eduardo, 19

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Eduardo had completed all of his credits. He should have been a high school graduate, seeing his dreams achieved. What happened? Eduardo was like many students in that he had difficulty passing the state testing required in order to receive his high school diploma.

Resolute Academy was born to help students just like Eduardo.

Coby Cathey, an award winning educator and author, recognized the devastating effects of a system that failed to take into account test anxiety, unique life circumstances and the demoralizing toll caused by the “Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills”.

He created Resolute Academy to help students negatively impacted by state testing. Once students have completed all of their credits, they can be transferred to Resolute Academy and receive the proper recognition for the efforts of their educational career.

Eduardo said he would be nowhere without Resolute Academy’s help. “My dreams are finally coming true,” he said. “A year ago I thought I would never make it to college and would be stuck flipping burgers my whole life […] Resolute Academy changed my life.”

A diploma is well within your reach. Be proud. Stand tall. Make more money and achieve the success waiting for you, now!

Schooling in the Modern Age

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What’s the point of memorizing a list of names, dates, and facts if you’ve got ubiquitous access to Google? Why not spend your time learning how to use tools like the internet to your advantage, bypassing the rote memorization doldrums from ages past?

Resolute Academy stands firm on the belief that you should be taught things that are actually useful, not bombarded with some dowdy professor’s idea of what information you should simply memorize.